Music Hangout – The Wax Girl

By @manjotjawa
Music Hangout – The Wax Girl

Do you know what Anosmic means? It’s not a common word to read while browsing the web, but it surely caught my attention. Anosmic or Anosmia is the inability to perceive odor. I’d tell you how many people have this condition, but there is not any clear data for it. What I can tell you though, is that Alex Wright of The Wax Girl is one of those people. I can also tell you that his debut EP is titled Anosmic.

Alex, a Canadian based post-rock/ambient producer released Anosmic earlier this month. The five track EP at first struck me as something to just unwind to, but after listening to it repeatedly, each track now stands as a piece of an ongoing story. Even with a mellow tone, tracks like Departure make you want to get up and get things done.

The EP starts out with the track Consciousness, an open invitation to start an exploration into this world that Alex has crafted. Leading into two of the tracks that have gotten the most play counts from me; Broken Space and Unknown Location. Both differ in their style, but what’s unique is the use of synths and drums to create an atmosphere of calm and almost eerie peace. We finish out with Departure, which first seemed to be the end of the EP because of the uplifting appeal, but then comes Sleep Disorders, a track for which I have no words other than “Great”. With a strong debut like this, I cannot wait for more. Alex’s composition for these tracks make it easy to interpret multiple stories from the album, depending on the listener, and its tales are unforgettable.

This EP is just the start of great things to come from Alex, a music video is expected later this year and a full-length debut album from The Wax Girl next year. In the meantime, check out the album after the video below. Like always, I recommend you listen to it all in one sitting.

We got to chat with Alex a few hours before the album’s release for our Music Hangout Series. Wondering what The Wax Girl has to do with anything? All the answers you need in the video below.

You can grab the EP over at The Wax Girl’s Bandcamp page or on iTunes – Twenty percent of proceeds from both the digital & physical copies goes to Raising the Roof – a Canadian organization that provides strong and effective national leadership on long-term solutions to homelessness.

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