Holychild Shares The Inspirations Behind The Music

By @manjotjawa
Holychild Shares The Inspirations Behind The Music

When I listen to a song from a electro-indie-pop band I normally wouldn’t think that it has such a profound message about our society, but when I thought about the lyrics in the song from Holychild, I got it. It also helped that it was explained to me by the band who created it the song.

The LA-based duo of Liz Nistico and Louie Diller form the core of Holychild. In fact, everything Holychild comes from the minds and hands of these two very awesome individuals. Their music is profoundly unique but very approachable in a way that makes you get up and dance, and trust me, I haven’t been able to say that about an electro-pop group in a while. Holychild recently preformed at the CMJ Showcase in New York, just weeks after releasing the very interesting music video for Playboy Girl. The video and song have garnered over 13,277 views and 12,852 listens at the time of writing, you can listen to the song below, but I highly recommend watching the video.

There is also a good reason why Billboard is calling them “Your new indie-pop obsession”. With massive tracks like Happy With Me, Playboy Girl, and Best Friends. Each of their songs are all just so awesomely freeing in regards to composition and yet so wonderfully crafted with an infectious rhythm and sound that it truly translates into music for the masses.

After hearing Happy with me for the first time, I had to talk to these two. You can watch the interview below to find out where the name Holychild came from and you’ll also get to know some very interesting things about them both. I forgot to ask if they had any of the candy left over from that video though. Also, I tried Louie’s hybrid peanut butter mix and it’s pretty amazing.

Liz & Louie are currently playing in some cities in California later this year, but hopefully we’ll see them on a national and international tour after their EP release. I encourage you to check out their Soundcloud tracks, start with their older ones and work your way to the future. You’ll see how they’ve found what I think is the perfect middle-ground between beautiful music and complete craziness.

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