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The Rambler Movie cover

The Rambler

Anyone able to withstand the visual and aural assault of The Oregonian will find plenty more to like in Calvin Lee Reeder’s follow-up. Reeder, who tends to prefer a bombardment of surreal imagery over narrative, has a unique style that makes it hard to find any contemporaries similar to him. The closest might be Quentin Read More
[REC]3: Genesis Movie cover

[REC]3: Genesis

I’ve really enjoyed the [REC] series since they started a few years ago. The first film was a nice little breath of fresh air in the disgustingly smelly cesspool of the modern day Horror genre. The second film, while not as good, was still a worthy follow up and actually took a different and fresh Read More
Gentlemen Broncos Movie cover

Gentlemen Broncos

Purposely ridiculous and quirky, this movie should by no means be taken seriously and it seems to be content with that. It was one of those movies that I really wanted to like but it was completely disappointing. Read More
Diana Movie cover


Somehow, some way, director Oliver Hirschbiegel has managed to make one of the most enchanting, magnetic, ravishing people of the last century one of the dullest, lifeless movie subjects in recent memory. Diana, a wreck of a film, chronicles the final years in the life of the late Princess of Wales, before her tragic car Read More
Ass Backwards Movie cover

Ass Backwards

Sometimes a film can be so bad its existence is baffling. Ass Backwards, a comedy co-written by stars June Diane Raphael and Casey Wilson, is a perfect example of that kind of movie. With a script so painfully unfunny it’s hard to imagine that Raphael and Wilson (who got some of their funding for the Read More
Rid of Me Movie cover

Rid of Me

What Rid of Me was supposed to be was a film about a woman who is trying to figure out who she is, what it ends up being is an indie film trying to figure out what it is. There did not seem to be any clear focus on what the film wanted to accomplish Read More
Grave Encounters 2 Movie cover

Grave Encounters 2

The Vicious Brothers’ Grave Encounters, a derivative horror movie that made good use of its abandoned asylum location, became something of a mini-hit when it came out last year. Or at least that’s how Grave Encounters 2 makes it look with a compilation of (real and faked) YouTube reviews for the first film. One of Read More