Film Review Scoring Guide

10 – Masterpiece. Rarely do we ever give out this rating as these are as near to perfect as a film can be. They are films that are the best of best and come along once every ten years or so. The film is flawless.

9.0 – 9.9: Extraordinary. Typically a writer’s favorite film of the year will land in this range. These are films that provide a unique cinematic experience that stands far above anything else from that year.

8.0 – 8.9: Fantastic. This range contains absolute must see films. These films are at the top of their genre and achieve everything that the film intended to do, likely even more.

7.0 – 7.9: Recommended. These are films that would be recommended to most people. They may have had some flaws that held them back from being exceptional. Fans of the genre will really enjoy these films but should appeal to most viewers.

6.0 – 6.9: Decent. Films that are flawed but might be worth a watch for the right person will be found in this range. These films may have attempted to do something special but came up a little short.

5.0 – 5.9: Average. If a film did not try to do anything special or it was poorly executed, it would be in this range. These are watchable films but most will prefer to just rent them or skip entirely unless there is nothing else to watch.

4.0 – 4.9: Below Average. This range has films with very little redeeming value. You may be able to applaud its efforts but that is about it.

3.0 – 3.9: Bad. These films are just flat out not good. They are often bad in almost every aspect.

2.0 – 2.9: Awful. Films found in this range are terrible in every possible way. It would be painful to sit through these as no elements were even close to working in the film.

0 – 1.9: Horrendous. This film isn’t worth anyone’s time, and whoever made it wasted theirs.