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Philomena Movie


Judi Dench, an actress capable of moving mountains with her onscreen power, is capable of  much more than what’s required of her in Philomena, a good film based on an astounding true story, directed by Stephen Frears (The Queen). Embodying the titular character doesn’t come close to exhausting Dench’s extensive capabilities, but instead of overpowering the Read More
A Touch of Sin Movie

A Touch of Sin

The opening of Jia Zhangke’s A Touch of Sin shows a conversation communicated entirely with violence. A migrant worker (Wang Baoqiang) travelling on his motorcycle is stopped by three young men in an attempt to rob him. The man responds to their brandished weapons by swiftly pulling out a gun and murdering all three. As Read More
Cut To Black Movie

Cut To Black

Cut to Black, Dan Eberle’s fourth feature length film, charts the well-travelled waters of a 1940’s film noir style with (despite a few divergences,) surprising freshness. Staring Eberle himself as the hard-boiled, hard-drinking ex-detective Bill Ivers, the story follows our protagonist as he’s hired by his former employer, John Lord, to track down a stalker Read More
The Broken Circle Breakdown Movie

The Broken Circle Breakdown

A major success in its home country of Belgium (and the country's submission for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars), The Broken Circle Breakdown is prime material for audiences craving more sombre and dramatic content during this fall's awards season. Relying on elliptical editing that packs a big emotional punch, along with several affective musical Read More
Roulette Movie


To say Roulette is dark film would be an understatement. The film holds nothing back as it shows the story of how three different individuals all arrive at the same place, rock bottom. Director Erik Kristopher Myers first began to create buzz with his script Smilers, but with studio’s not willing to take a chance Read More
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Movie

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Much like its successful predecessor, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire–directed by Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend) and based on the book series by Suzanne Collins–features rock-solid performances, great writing, and inventive action set pieces set in a sci-fi dystopia. The Hunger Games was a largely enjoyable and entertaining blockbuster romp, but its sequel betters it in Read More
Fill the Void Movie

Fill the Void

Turning 18 means different things in different cultures, but almost every culture agrees it’s an age of adulthood.  In the religious culture of Orthodox Judaism, at 18 a young woman is preparing for the important ritual of marriage – and wondering whom her family will choose for her to end up with. This is the Read More
East Nashville Tonight Movie

East Nashville Tonight

Originally attempting to film a documentary to promote touring country music songwriters, co-directors Brad and Todd Barnes (Peace Queer: The Movie, The Locksmith) ended up with their “hypothetical documentary”(as they describe it), East Nashville Tonight. The film is a gritty—yet light, drug-fueled comedy, that arouses a strong sense freedom while finding a groove between it’s Read More
Humano Movie


With such a philosophical subject as trying to discover the reason for our existence, Humano is indeed as heady of an experimental study as it sounds. At one point the filmmaker, Alan Stivelman, takes hallucinogens while pondering if the things we imagine really exist and are just simply invisible—which subsequently makes you wonder if the Read More