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Hateship Loveship Movie

Hateship Loveship

2013 was the year for Saturday Night Live alums to break out of their comedic roles to star in smaller indie dramas. First there was Will Forte who set aside his MacGruber impersonations for a more serious father and son road trip film in Alexander Payne’s Nebraska. In Hateship Loveship it’s Kristen Wiig who boldly Read More
The Creator of the Jungle (Hot Docs review) Movie

The Creator of the Jungle (Hot Docs review)

The Creator of the Jungle tells the story of Garrell, a man who has spent 45 years building a giant playground in a forest. He started as a child, and with age the scale of his work increased dramatically. He first manipulated the stream running through the forest, making dams and ponds as he saw Read More
Watermark Movie


Filmmakers Jennifer Baichwal and Edward Burtynsky (Manufactured Landscapes) bottle the immense power and omnipresence of water, earth’s mightiest element, in their stunningly cinematic film Watermark. Assembling jaw-dropping footage of rivers, dams, rice paddies,  abalone farms, and more, they’ve created a visual feast, instilling a sense of utter smallness in the presence of the godlike blue bodies Read More
Only Lovers Left Alive Movie

Only Lovers Left Alive

You couldn’t ask for two actors better suited to play a couple of sharp-featured, hipster vampire lovers than Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston, two actors who’ve hit the absolute peak of coolness at this point in their respective careers. And who better to direct them than Jim Jarmusch, the indie godfather who always seems to Read More
Oculus Movie


Don't be fooled by Paranormal Activity and Insidious getting mentioned in the marketing for Oculus. While those films (or, more specifically, their franchises) are about big jolts and loud noises, Oculus surprisingly goes for a more subdued and unsettling approach. Mike Flanagan, the director of Absentia, returns with a feature length adaptation of his short Read More
A Spell To Ward Off The Darkness Movie

A Spell To Ward Off The Darkness

The central figure of Ben Rivers and Ben Russell’s A Spell To Ward Off The Darkness takes the form of a silent man (musician Robert A.A. Lowe). The film is comprised of three acts, with Lowe providing the only connective tissue between them. We first see him as part of an Estonian commune, where Read More
Mistaken for Strangers Movie

Mistaken for Strangers

Considering Mistaken for Strangers centers around the well-known indie rock band The National (the title of the documentary comes from one of their songs), it would be safe to assume that fans of the band will get the most out of the documentary. But that’s not necessarily the case here. There are only a handful Read More
Under the Skin Movie

Under the Skin

Jonathan Glazer’s otherworldly Under the Skin feels somehow…forbidden. Hyper-artistic movies like this are a rare species, unwelcome in the tentpole Hollywood landscape. And yet, at the center of the film is one of the most recognizable young actresses in the industry, Scarlett Johansson, in one of her best, most sophisticated turns yet as an alien in a woman’s Read More
The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden Movie

The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden

Paradise goes up in flames in The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden, a stranger-than-fiction murder mystery in documentary form. There’s something fascinatingly bizarre about the events surrounding the unexplained deaths that struck a handful of bickering European settlers that arrived at Galapagos in the 1930s. To tell the true-crime tale, directors Dayna Goldfine and Dan Read More