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About Alex Movie

About Alex

About Alex is very much a film of its time. For starters, the film is occasionally hyper-aware, in the Chris Miller-Phil Lord vein, of its architecture as a film imbued with tropes. The film also feels like a clichéd indie where characters gather together and reveal secrets and grievances. But what truly makes About Alex Read More
The Zero Theorem Movie

The Zero Theorem

Terry Gilliam is no stranger to absurd dystopian science-fiction films. His best work came early in his career with films like Brazil and Twelve Monkeys, and his latest film The Zero Theorem feels like an extension to those titles. Written by a creative writing teacher from the University of Central Florida (Pat Rushin), The Zero Read More
The One I Love Movie

The One I Love

Let me first start out by saying that this review contains some spoilers found in The One I Love. Normally I believe spoilers shouldn’t be discussed in reviews, but in this case the “twist” is revealed almost immediately and it ends up being the main topic of the film–there wouldn’t be much to talk about Read More
The Dog Movie

The Dog

If you ask any film buff to rattle off a list of 10 great Al Pacino films, or if you avoid social interaction and just Google it, several crime dramas are guaranteed to appear (and usually in the Top 5), including Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather (1972) and The Godfather Part II (1974), and Sidney Read More
Frank Movie


No matter the mixed criticism of Frank, one thing the film makes obvious is more bands should be using theremins. That’s not just a frivolous statement, it’s part of the movie’s sugarcoated message on the value of sticking out, embracing your limits, and not concerning oneself with the number of views one’s video gets on YouTube. Once the Read More
Abuse of Weakness Movie

Abuse of Weakness

In 2004, Catherine Breillat suffered a massive cerebral hemorrhage, triggering a stroke that paralyzed half of her body. She eventually recovered, and after getting back to filmmaking she met Christophe Rocancourt, a notorious con artist. Breillat wanted Rocancourt to star in the lead role of her new film, and in the development process Rocancourt convinced Read More
The Expendables 3 Movie

The Expendables 3

Sylvester Stallone and his band of aging muscle-buddies probably had a blast making The Expendables 3, the latest by-product of Sly trying to help his pals out with a nice little payday in the twilight of their careers. Audiences get the wrong end of the deal, however, as the film is a messy action schlock that symbolizes the death knell Read More
Cannibal Movie


Director Manuel Martín Cuenca’s Cannibal won the 2013 Goya Award (the Spanish equivalent of the Oscars) for best cinematography. It’s not hard to see why. Pau Esteve Birba’s cinematography is eerie and elegant, and it helps set the mood for Cuenca’s dark, unsettling story about a quiet tailor who harbors the secret double life of Read More
Miss Violence Movie

Miss Violence

The term Greek New Wave (sometimes called Weird Wave) has been floating around ever since Giorgos Lanthimos’s Dogtooth screened at Cannes in 2009. The film instantly won over critics with its unique and absurd style, winning the Un Certain Regard and even an Oscar nomination. Since then there has been a few other notable Greek Read More