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Believe Me Movie

Believe Me

Believe Me marks director Will Bakke’s first foray into fiction film after two documentaries, One Nation Under God and Beware of the Christians. Both of these films attempted to explore Christianity’s place within modern society, by asking people on the street about their beliefs. Believe Me takes a similar introspective look at Christianity as it Read More
Time Out of Mind (NYFF Review) Movie

Time Out of Mind (NYFF Review)

Sleeping on park benches, in emergency room waiting areas, or the bathtubs of recently evicted apartments, Richard Gere is far from the suave, charming persona he normally assumes in his roles. Directed by The Messenger and Rampart filmmaker Oren Moverman, Time Out of Mind casts Gere in the role of the homeless, alcoholic protagonist shuffling Read More
Pride Movie


In the mid 1980s, thousands of British coal miners went on strike in reaction to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s vow to rid the U.K. of the National Union of Mineworkers, or NUM. After a hard-fought battle of walk-outs and picketing that occasionally descended into violence (three deaths were recorded), the miners were ultimately defeated by Read More
Lilting Movie


Almost every film review I have written has opened with an introduction relating to the film at hand, whether it be an anecdote or a trivia item about awards, news, or details relating to the film. In the case of Lilting, my introduction is left blank thanks to a film so unique and so beautifully executed that I Read More
Two Night Stand Movie

Two Night Stand

While tales of the war zone that is online dating in our modern era are timely, the release date of the latest film to cover the subject, Two Night Stand, seems to be a bit off. Taking place between Christmas and New Years in snowy New York City, the distributors might have aimed for a Read More
Nightcrawler (TIFF Review) Movie

Nightcrawler (TIFF Review)

Nighttime vultures circling around the cynical, cruel world of newsworthy accidents and tragedies are depicted with delectably compelling malice in Dan Gilroy’s directorial debut, Nightcrawler. Hitting home runs with feature debuts seems to run in the Gilroy family, with older brother Tony’s excellent Michael Clayton coming out of the woodwork in 2007. With his own Read More
A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting On Existence (TIFF Review) Movie

A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting On Existence (TIFF Review)

The auteur label is becoming more and more of a taboo, since it implies a belittling attitude towards the hundreds of people working on a given film. In this way, Swedish maestro Roy Andersson is something of a relic; while his movies must be meticulously crafted by hundreds of participants, it’s his inimitable vision that perseveres. Read More
Miss Julie (TIFF Review) Movie

Miss Julie (TIFF Review)

With filming wrapped all the way back in 2013, it almost feels like Liv Ullmann’s grand return behind the camera has come a year too late. While this can mess with people’s anxieties and expectations; the most important thing is that Ullmann is back, directing an adaptation of masterpiece Swedish play Miss Julie by August Read More
Starred Up Movie

Starred Up

Fans of the terrific cult British teen drama Skins have long suspected that it was only a matter of time before Jack O’Connell rose to star status. Fantastic as many of the young actors of that series were, O’Connell always stood a cut above the rest, elevating even the most contrived material through sheer conviction Read More