Oculus Movie


Don't be fooled by Paranormal Activity and Insidious getting mentioned in the marketing for Oculus. While those films (or, more specifically, their franchises) are about big jolts and loud noises, Oculus surprisingly goes for a more subdued and unsettling approach. Mike Flanagan, the director of Absentia, returns with a feature length adaptation of his short Read More
Cheap Thrills Movie

Cheap Thrills

Like an alternative, bite-size version of Breaking Bad, first-time director E.L. Katz’s gruesome comedy Cheap Thrills takes an unassuming suburban family man named Craig (Pat Healy) and exposes a repressed, dark side of his psyche via the sinful temptation of money. What begins as an quick drink between old friends at a bar evolves into a horrific freak Read More
In Fear Movie

In Fear

The inevitable problem that comes with a great set-up is that, at some point, questions have to be answered. Jeremy Lovering's In Fear is, as the title suggests, focused on what people do when they're overcome with fear. Lovering expertly handles building up dread and intensity in his film's first half, only do undo most Read More
Almost Human Movie

Almost Human

Writer/director Joe Begos has fashioned Almost Human, his debut feature, as a love letter to 80s horror/sci-fi schlock. The film opens with Seth (Graham Skipper) arriving at his friend Mark’s (Josh Ethier) house in a frenzy. Seth tells Mark and his girlfriend Jen (Vanessa Leigh) that aliens are after him, but before they can react Read More
Another Hole in the Head Capsule Reviews 2 Film Festival

Another Hole in the Head Capsule Reviews 2

San Francisco’s Another Hole in the Head genre film festival comes to a close tonight at New People Cinema, with the world premieres of The G-String Horror Demon Cut, a horror film by Charles Webb set in the streets of San Francisco, “re-cut by demons”, and Senn, a sci-fi otherworldly fantasy by Josh Feldman. Celebrating its tenth Read More
Here Comes the Devil Movie

Here Comes the Devil

One could say that Here Comes the Devil opens with a bang. Literally. The opening scene is striking; two women having passionate sex while a loud and unpleasant soundtrack obliterates your ears. The scene is reminiscent of something David Lynch would parade around in front of his audience. Director Adrián García Bogliano seems to be Read More
Another Hole in the Head Celebrates 10 Years of Genre Madness Film Festival

Another Hole in the Head Celebrates 10 Years of Genre Madness

Tonight, after the insanity of Black Friday shopping has passed and everyone’s Turkey-itis has subsided, the Another Hole in the Head Film Festival will be kicking off its three-week-long program, introducing San Franciscans to a whole new kind of madness, full of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy flicks that’ll delight fans of hardcore genre film (and Read More
Haunter Movie


It doesn’t take very long for Vincenzo Natali‘s Haunter to get to the point. What starts out as a typical boring Sunday for Lisa (Abigail Breslin) takes a turn when her parents take issue with her weird behaviour. She tells them that every day is the same and, like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, she’s Read More
Carrie Movie


Brian De Palma makes classics–from the gangster guts ‘n’ glory of Scarface to the thrilling cinematic barrage of Blow Out, his films will go down as some of the best in memory. Much like Gus Van Sant did with his re-imagining of Psycho, director Kimberly Peirce (Boys Don’t Cry, Stop Loss) faces a seemingly insurmountable uphill battle with Read More