Spring (TIFF Review) Movie

Spring (TIFF Review)

For their follow-up to Resolution, Justin Benson and Aaron S. Moorhead ditch the meta qualities of their debut feature for straight storytelling in Spring. Their film opens with Evan (Lou Taylor Pucci) watching his mother succumb to cancer while taking care of her. A bar cook with only one friend in town, and now one Read More
Adam Wingard & Simon Barrett On the Challenges and Opportunities Modern Audiences Present Interview

Adam Wingard & Simon Barrett On the Challenges and Opportunities Modern Audiences Present

The team of director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett made what was one of my favorite films of last year, the stylish, playful, home-invasion thrill ride You’re Next. 2014 is another year, and another home run for the duo as their new film, The Guest, starring Dan Stevens, toys with genre conventions even further, pulling inspiration from films like The Read More
Honeymoon Movie


Newlywed life is fraught with difficulty as adjusting to life with someone else can make for plenty of stressful situations. At the least, the honeymoon phase can usually be depended upon to be a time of blissful happiness before reality settles. Director Leigh Janiak isn’t quite so generous with her newlywed couple in the backwoods horror Read More
TIFF 2014: Cub Film Festival

TIFF 2014: Cub

Jonas Govaerts’ Cub feels all too familiar, a significant problem given its promising concept and imagery. On a Cub Scout trip to the woods, young scout Sam (Maurice Luijten) sees a feral child with a bizarre mask running around in the forest. He repeatedly warns his fellow campers, only to get made fun of. The Read More
Lyle Movie


Indie filmmakers will try anything – and god bless them for doing it – to fund their next film. Options have ranged from begging family and friends for cash and giving producer credits to financial donors to maxing out credit cards and becoming laboratory test subjects-for-hire (I’m lookin’ at you, Robert Rodriguez). The filmmakers behind Read More
Cannibal Movie


Director Manuel Martín Cuenca’s Cannibal won the 2013 Goya Award (the Spanish equivalent of the Oscars) for best cinematography. It’s not hard to see why. Pau Esteve Birba’s cinematography is eerie and elegant, and it helps set the mood for Cuenca’s dark, unsettling story about a quiet tailor who harbors the secret double life of Read More
At the Devil’s Door Movie

At the Devil’s Door

The long road between the small screen and the silver screen is littered with the corpses of wonderfully talented individuals who knew nothing but success when beamed into millions of homes each week, but many failed to bring those millions of viewers into the box office. Oh, there are those who successfully navigated that road: Read More
Fantasia 2014: The Drownsman Film Festival

Fantasia 2014: The Drownsman

The Drownsman stars Michelle Mylett as Madison, a young woman we know absolutely nothing about. Madison’s best friend Hannah (Caroline Korycki) just got engaged, and after accepting Hannah’s request to be maid of honour, Madison nearly drowns in an accident. Madison had a vision of a hulking, demonic-looking person locking her in a basement while Read More
‘The Conjuring’ Spinoff ‘Annabelle’ Set for October Release News

‘The Conjuring’ Spinoff ‘Annabelle’ Set for October Release

It appears the weekend of October 3rd is going to be quite creepy this year. If the psychological suspense of David Fincher’s Gone Girl isn’t your style, (check out the new trailer released today), then a feature-length film starring the creepiest doll we’ve ever seen (sorry Chucky) should sufficiently freak you out. Warner Bros and New Read More