Damien Jurado – Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son Music

Damien Jurado – Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son

It must be nice being a longtime Damien Jurado fan. His sound has barely changed since his 1999 sophomore effort Rehearsals for Departure, and his consistency is most certainly an agreeable approach for devoted listeners. But might Jurado’s lack of musical turnarounds eventually grow frustrating or boring with time? Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Read More
Bird Courage -Māia Manu Music

Bird Courage -Māia Manu

Welcome to the twenty-first century, a time when digital methods of acquiring, sharing, and creating files ensure that independent musicians will face extreme difficulty surviving off their art. It’s an odd contradiction – although computers, the Internet, and cyber-whatnot brutally slaughter the finances of modern creators, these same forces advance better recording techniques and help Read More
The Broken Circle Breakdown Movie

The Broken Circle Breakdown

A major success in its home country of Belgium (and the country's submission for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars), The Broken Circle Breakdown is prime material for audiences craving more sombre and dramatic content during this fall's awards season. Relying on elliptical editing that packs a big emotional punch, along with several affective musical Read More
The Senators – Harsher Than Whiskey/Sweeter Than Wine Music

The Senators – Harsher Than Whiskey/Sweeter Than Wine

Who doesn’t love an exquisitely played banjo? What about some well-placed harmonica? Or is the mandolin more of your fancy? Trumpet? Well, The Senators have it all on their newest album Harsher Than Whiskey/Sweeter Than Wine. I must say I was more than surprised by the musical talent of this Phoenix based indie/Americana group consisting Read More
Cat Power – Sun Music

Cat Power – Sun

My first introduction to Cat Power was as a high school senior, clothe in graphic tees and anxious to desert the Midwest. I was still trying to get over New Found Glory, listening to downloaded singles on a first generation iPod, and desperately longed to put an edge on my musical tastes. I had dabbled Read More
Don Dilego – Western & Atlantic EP Music

Don Dilego – Western & Atlantic EP

In the age of bandcamp, myspace, and endless access to digital music, the wilderness for the singer/songwriter is becoming more ominous. That is to say, making a memorable album, one that survives being shuffled into an iTunes library and can endure playlists of favorite songs with the decisive next button, is becoming increasingly difficult. It Read More
Fencewalker – Mourning the Whale Music

Fencewalker – Mourning the Whale

Folk music without the stereotypical vocal twang is what Fencewalker brings to the plate with her EP Mourning the Whale. Her vocals may lack the overall classic folk twang but her musical backing is true blue folk (AKA there is some banjo goodness in a good number of the 8 songs on the album). Fencewalker Read More
Trampled by Turtles – Stars and Satellites Music

Trampled by Turtles – Stars and Satellites

Stars and Satellites is the sixth album from the Duluth based bluegrass band Trampled by Turtles. The band has spent years fusing bluegrass with elements of country, folk, and a unique style of acoustic speed metal. Trampled by Turtles’ live show has garnered quite the reputation of being an intensely, entertaining show at dive-bars, music Read More
Aunt Martha – Bloodshot EP Music

Aunt Martha – Bloodshot EP

They are a small folk band from Norway, ME, and they have, for lack of a better word, incredibly charming music. Aunt Martha is composed of three members (Tim, Garrett and Brian) and they are all very talented musicians. I am not usually one to get into folk music but when an Aunt Martha song Read More