Must See Movies

Movie reviews that are rated 8 and higher
Cashback Movie


The storyline of Cashback is nothing unique; an art student named Ben has a falling out with a longtime girlfriend and is devastated. Still, Cashback is a smart and funny indie film that nearly everyone can relate to. Also the camera work is impressive enough to make the story that has been told a thousand Read More
Crazy Heart Movie

Crazy Heart

You do not have to be a fan of country music to enjoy Crazy Heart, a depressing story based on the novel by Thomas Cobb. The superb acting by Jeff Bridges and his character are entertaining enough. The storyline is nothing too spectacular but you cannot help but be enthralled with the main character. It Read More
There Will Be Blood Movie

There Will Be Blood

It is impossible to describe There Will Be Blood in one word but if forced to, I would say powerful. If I had to further describe in using just single words they would be; politics, greed, religion and morality. It’s a true instant American classic film whose technical aspects far exceed that of most other Read More
The Bad Lieutenant Movie

The Bad Lieutenant

The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans is an indie intelligent “cop movie” that is really much more. A little worried it was going to be a typical cop movie, I was a little hesitant to watch it, but I was glad I did. Digging deep into both addiction and morality, this Read More
Me and You and Everyone We Know Movie

Me and You and Everyone We Know

To me this creative artsy indie comedy is about as close you can come to a perfect and complete film. This is my fifth time watching it and I can confidently say it’s in my top ten favorite films of all time but I am apparently not alone. Roger Ebert said it was the best Read More
Gigantic Movie


An indie romantic comedy with a hint of drama revolving around a young mattress salesman and confused girl with a rich daddy. Directed by Matt Aselton, Gigantic deals with some fairly common life problems like dealing with family, friends, relationships and taking a close look at what you want in life. Read More
Humpday Movie


While the basic premise behind Humpday is simple and somewhat idiotic, the film is far from it. This indie comedy won the John Cassavetes Award at 2010 Independent Spirit Awards. It also won the Special Jury Prize and was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance. And rightfully so. Read More
Precious Movie


Precious is a feel bad movie which is incredibly depressing and immensely emotional. Nominated for several Academy Awards which it won two Oscars and also won five Independent Spirit Awards, does it live up to it's hype? I think so. Read More
The Station Agent Movie

The Station Agent

This is a low-key movie about a lonely dwarf who’s only friend passed away, which he then moves to a new small town. His life has been full of constant ridicule and rude stares. It seems that the only thing he has interest in his life are trains. With his recent move (which is in Read More
The Dark Knight Movie

The Dark Knight

You know it’s a good movie when you have such high expectations for it and after seeing it, it surpasses what you expected. In fact, it made me want to go see it again in the theater, something I never do. Thanks to the brilliant director, Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight is easily one of Read More