Ryan Courtney shares what the band name Trenton means and where he recorded his latest EP

By @manjotjawa
Ryan Courtney shares what the band name Trenton means and where he recorded his latest EP

Music has a way of carrying a message that the artist truly believes in. In a highly commercialized music industry like ours, that message is sometimes lost or even left out. That’s why we’re constantly searching for the artists that carry a message and make their music mean something. Maybe they’re artists you’ve never heard of before, but we know they’re definitely ones that you’ll want to keep listening to. We want you to know the people behind the music, who they are and where they come from, what they believe in and where they’re headed. To begin our adventure, we chatted with singer/songwriter Ryan Courtney about his uplifting project named Trenton.

Trenton released a new EP titled “Dreamers” earlier this year. The 5 track EP kicks off with powerful drums and guitar riffs that grab your attention, and soon after, a voice captures you with a softness that melts together with the beat in perfect unison. The tracks keep the energy flowing until you get to the last one, that’s when there’s a moment of peace and you understand that there is a depth to the soul that comes through in Courtney’s voice, and that’s what makes this album a must hear. The passion for music can be heard loud and clear. The gentle mix of energy, soul, and meaningful lyrics makes for an impressive gathering of musical talent. What really catches me off guard every time is Ryan’s vocal quality, despite the use of cheap microphones, his raw emotions are projected loud and clear; proving that technology is not all that matters.

Ryan explains where the band name Trenton came from, what is different and surprising unique about where Dreamers was made and more in our interview below.

Trenton’s Dreamers is available on iTunes and Noisetrade

Trenton Dreamers album cover
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