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The House of the Devil Movie

The House of the Devil

The authentic 80's atmosphere in this demonic horror flick really makes you feel like you are watching something they pulled out of a vault somewhere. Director Ti West baptized The House of the Devil in the most unholy of 80's horror nostalgia. Shoty camera work, big Farrah hair and an even bigger Walkman cassette player Read More
Hostel Movie


The latest trend in horror seems to be getting away from the cheap scares and more into the extreme gore type. I have heard a lot about Hostel being very gory and trying to bring myself to watch more horror movies, I obligated. Read More
Traitor Movie


It is hard to point out exactly what makes Traitor only a mediocre film, it is hard to specifically say what went it did wrong. But it's even harder to say what it did right. One could assume from looking at the cast, that this would showcase some pretty good performances as it includes; Don Read More
Precious Movie


Precious is a feel bad movie which is incredibly depressing and immensely emotional. Nominated for several Academy Awards which it won two Oscars and also won five Independent Spirit Awards, does it live up to it's hype? I think so. Read More
Avatar Movie


Unfortunately, I was rather unimpressed with the 3D effect in the theater. Being that this was my first 3D experience, I was imagining the 3D parts to be a little better. I think I would have enjoyed the film just as much without the 3D. After about 20 minutes, I nearly forgot about the 3D, Read More
Gentlemen Broncos Movie

Gentlemen Broncos

Purposely ridiculous and quirky, this movie should by no means be taken seriously and it seems to be content with that. It was one of those movies that I really wanted to like but it was completely disappointing. Read More
The Station Agent Movie

The Station Agent

This is a low-key movie about a lonely dwarf who’s only friend passed away, which he then moves to a new small town. His life has been full of constant ridicule and rude stares. It seems that the only thing he has interest in his life are trains. With his recent move (which is in Read More
The Dark Knight Movie

The Dark Knight

You know it’s a good movie when you have such high expectations for it and after seeing it, it surpasses what you expected. In fact, it made me want to go see it again in the theater, something I never do. Thanks to the brilliant director, Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight is easily one of Read More
Doubt Movie


Soon as I heard that Philip Seymour Hoffman was in a lead role in a new movie I immediately got excited. Unfortunately, when you hype up a movie too much it must live up to high expectations which most of the time result in disappointment, which is how I felt at the end of this Read More